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Who Goes To See A Live Dance Performance?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

“Variance: the BFA Dance Concert” happened at Martha B. Knoebel Theater from Oct. 10- 12, 2019. This was a show presented by the California State University, Long Beach, Department of Dance. I performed in a new work, “Process,” created by a BFA dance student, Jasmyn Hamblin.

📸:Elenna Derkach 👗:Kelsey Vidic 🎨: Sienna Browne

During show week, dancers and the department promoted the concert via social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. The audience was most likely:

1. dance majors and minors

2. alumni

3. friends of the performers

4. parents of the performers

5. faculty and staff.

I found it difficult to inform and educate students who do not know about dance because they are not interested in dance and do not participate in dance culture, therefore, they are not as likely to go to see a live dance performance.

CSULB Department of Dance Official Instagram

While the dance community is small and supportive, I was wondering, how can dance be more recognized outside of the dance industry?

Learning about public relations makes me wonder how I can spread the power of dance to those who have never watched a live dance performance. It is important for the students at CSULB to become aware of the Department of Dance and know that going to a dance concert can be a great way to spend their night.

Since CSULB is a huge university with various departments, it is not surprising that many students do not know about the Department of Dance.

To let the CSULB students become more aware of the Department of Dance, the department might need to:

1. Reach out to campus publishers to let them cover the shows

2. Create a free event on the upper campus during the daytime

3. Communicate (leave likes and comments and replies) with other departments’ official accounts on social media

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