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LINE: a Great Strategy to Use for PR

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Have you heard about an app called LINE? This app, created in Korea, is a necessary app for all companies that want to reach people in Japan.

LINE is a communication app that allows the users to text, call and make video calls for free. There are a lot of stickers to send to your friends with texts or even without texts to communicate with them for more fun.

Conversations without texts.

Companies in Japan have started taking advantage of this app to improve their public relation skills. Once LINE users add an official account of a company to “become a friend” on LINE, the company is able to communicate with the users privately in various ways.

Companies mainly use LINE to:

1. Send out newsletters

2. Start a conversation

3. Get feedback

4. Create a campaign

5. Send out a survey

Since checking LINE is a huge part of their everyday life for many Japanese people, companies tend to generate more engagement by using LINE than by sending emails.

The most common way of using LINE for companies is to send out newsletters.

Newsletter from Billboard JAPAN NEWS

Many companies send out a set of articles to their customers. When the customers receive it from companies, they can simply tap what they are interested in and go to read the article.

This is an efficient way to collect news and information about personal interests for the users.

If you ever want to connect with people in Japan, you should consider making an account on LINE. It is a great tool for both personal use and business use.

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